Recent Successes: February 2018

My son B. was diagnosed as dyslexic six years ago through the primary school he attended. For the first two years after this we left it with the school to provide extra lessons, however this did not seem to improve my son's learning - his basic use of written English language was poor, bad spelling, grammar non-existent - even to the point that the written word could not be understood.

We decided at that point to engage Diane Kirk for 1 hour each Saturday to start from the basics and begin to bring him forward. This has proved to be a great benefit to him. His standard of writing is now at a point that everyone comments on how good it is. He still has problems with spelling but again this is coming on so well, with him now spelling words I could not have believed. He has also started quoting some grammatical patterns which I do not remember him ever being taught.

I frequently sit and wait in an adjacent room while he is receiving tuition from Diane, listening in to what is being taught. When we first came B. was very nervous about answering questions, maybe worrying about getting them wrong. This has totally changed, with him now answering all the questions - sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but all the time helped. The relationship between B. and Diane is great to listen to - joking about things, asking what each other have been doing - it is lovely to listen to. She has put him very much at ease, which I feel has helped his learning ability.

Mr. P. R.