My son was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, and despite receiving additional support in school, struggled with reading and writing. To further complicate matters we moved from the US to York on a temporary basis, so he not only had to cope with his dyslexia he also had to deal with a change in approach to schooling. This combined to create the perfect storm and we saw our son disengage and withdraw from school resulting in a dramatic decline in his output and ultimately in his results.

Enter Diane Kirk. From my initial contact with Diane I could not have been happier. Diane not only made room in her schedule for our son she also took the time to learn about our son's specific needs and strengths and created a specific approach to tutoring that reflected his needs, personality and learning style. Our son thoroughly enjoyed each session with Diane and would chatter nonstop on our way home from each class about Diane and what they achieved in that class.

Following an extremely short period of time we saw a dramatic improvement not only in our son's work product but also his approach to school. He became more confident and began to participate fully in class, which his teachers commented positively on. Then, after only six months of instruction with Diane, he took his end of year six exams and shocked all of his teachers (and us) with what can only be described as a spectacular improvement in his results compared to those of the preceding year - some grades even went from low thirty percent to over ninety percent!

I cannot express how grateful I am that Diane took our son on, and using her expansive knowledge, unending patience and utmost professionalism, made such an enormous impact on our son and us. Although we are now back in the US, I am certain that Diane's guidance and instruction has given our son a strong foundation upon which he can continue to develop, and I am positive that he will continue to go from strength to strength. Diane - thank you from the bottom of my heart. The gift you have given B has reopened doors that we once thought were closed.

Mrs B. July, 2018